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NEEDs began as a specialized unit of the Pennsylvania SNAP-Ed program (TRACKS) when funders, policy makers, and service providers called for evidence of nutrition education effectiveness. We are a Center in the Department of Nutritional Sciences housed in the College of Health and Human Development. TRACKS is funded through an agreement between the PA Dept. of Public Welfare and The Pennsylvania State University.

To construct and demonstrate successful nutrition education programming, attention to design and engineering must be applied at a level usually reserved for development, reorganization, and restructuring. NEEDs approaches nutrition education as a design and engineering problem and identifies/mobilizes expert researchers and practitioners in evaluation, statistical analyses, education, nutritional sciences, and health promotion.

The mission of the NEEDs Center is to engineer and design research and evaluation services that foster promotion and delivery of evidence-based nutrition education.

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Learn more about our work by reviewing our research pages—”Publications“, “Posters” and the “Satter Eating Competence Model (ecSatter).” You may also view individual NEEDs programs located in the drop down menu under “Resources.”

Funded by the Pennsylvania (PA) Department of Human Services (DHS) through PA Nutrition Education Tracks, a part of USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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