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MY CHILD’S WEIGHT is a colorful, no-cost nutrition education program designed for parents and caregivers of pre-teens and teens from ages 10-14. It addresses parent concerns about their child’s body size, development, and weight changes. This distinctive nutrition education program, based on Ellyn Satter’s model of the Division of Responsibility in feeding children, is intended to help parents figure out what to do in the midst of a culture concerned about child obesity. It answers the questions: Should I be concerned? What should I do, and not do?

  • Available in still, PowerPoint, video and animated formats.
  • Still frame/video program–3 minutes in length.
  • Designed for individuals with basic reading skills and limited resources.
  • Tested with/Evaluated by target audience for usefulness, comprehension and interest.
  • Congruent with tenets of Satter Feeding Dynamics Model, Health at Every Size Paradigm, Satter Model of Eating Competence, Satter Division of Responsibility for Physical Activity.
  • Available in Spanish.

Use in health centers, schools, WIC sites, health displays/fairs, SNAP-Ed sites, assistance offices, and food pantries.
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