Faculty & Staff

Barbara Lohse

Barbara Lohse, PhD, RD, CDN

Head, Wegmans School of Health and Nutrition
Professor of Health Sciences
Director NEEDs Center

Phone:  585-475-4208  Emailbalihst@rit.edu

Barbara Lohse is a nutrition education engineer and Head of the Wegmans School of Health and Nutrition at RIT. Formerly the Principal Investigator of the Pennsylvania SNAP-Ed program and Research Professor at Penn State and currently a Professor of Health Sciences in the College of Health Science and Technology. Dr. Lohse has experience providing evidence-based, theory-driven nutrition education to low-income audiences in Pennsylvania and beyond. Dr. Lohse received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, a Master of Science degree in food and nutrition from the University of Wisconsin-Stout and a PhD in nutritional sciences and educational psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has experience as a clinical dietitian, dietetic internship director, Extension specialist in nutrition, nutrition instructor and researcher. She works with others to focus nutrition education on health and eating behaviors that are effective, yet feasible and sustainable and contribute to the vision of the Wegmans School of Health and Nutrition: Scholars, students, citizens “walk the talk” to secure health for all.

Elizabeth Ruder, PhD, MPH, RD

Elizabeth Ruder, PhD, MPH, RD

Associate Professor, Program Director, Dietetics and Nutrition and Nutritional Sciences
Phone:   585-475-2402    Email:ehrihst@rit.edu

Bill Brewer, MALS, CES

Bill Brewer, MALS, CES

Director of Exercise Science

Phone:   585-475-2476
Email: wsbscl@rit.edu

Bill possesses a bachelor’s degree in Health Education from SUNY Cortland and a master’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion earned through the SUNY Empire State College. He has worked in corporate, commercial and medical rehabilitative settings as a health promoter and fitness specialist. He is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Clinical Exercise Specialist.

As Director of Exercise Science at RIT Bill developed the Exercise Science Program to enhance the utilization of exercise as a therapeutic modality within our healthcare system as well as focus on the science of athletic conditioning. Areas of physiology that are of particular interest to Bill include cardiorespiratory adaptations, thermoregulation during physical activity and the most compelling of all, the role of adherence to regular exercise in the preservation of functional capacity.

The mission of his educational endeavors is to seek the synergistic point of convergence where activity, good nutrition, stress management, and values clarification create a wellness lifestyle that provides an optimal life experience.

Brenda Ariba Zarhari Abu, Ph.D., MPhil, RDN, CDN

Brenda Ariba Zarhari Abu, Ph.D., MPhil, RDN, CDN

Assistant Professor

Phone:   585-475-4516
Email: baaihst@rit.edu

Dr. Abu is an Assistant Professor in the Wegmans School of Health and Nutrition at RIT. She was formerly a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Wegmans School of Health and Nutrition at RIT and a Post-doctoral Research Associate in the Nutritional Sciences Department at Texas Tech University. Dr. Abu received her PhD in Nutrition from the University of the Free Sate (South Africa), a Masters in Nutrition from the University of Ghana and a Bachelor of Science Degree (Honors) in Community Nutrition from the University for Development Studies (Ghana).

Dr. Abu has experience as a clinical dietician, lecturer and nutrition consultant. Her research interests include micronutrient deficiencies, food security, maternal and child nutrition, program/project design and impact assessment, and stakeholder engagement. She works with others using a multi-disciplinary approach, to addressing food and nutrition security among college students and senior citizens (USA). She is involved in research that is exploring the use of M-health education to improve nutrition among young mothers and their children in low-income communities in Rochester (USA). She is also involved with addressing anemia and iodine deficiency using sustainable food-based approaches while facilitating stakeholder engagement (Ghana).

Jason Rich, EdD CMPC CSCS

Jason Rich, EdD CMPC CSCS

Lecturer, Exercise Science

Phone: 585-475-2167
Email: jarexs@rit.edu

Kathryn Faulring, MPH, CHES

Kathryn Faulring, MPH, CHES

Project & Development Coordinator

Phone:   585-475-6117 
Email: KZFIHST@rit.edu 

Kristie O’Connor, MLA, RD

Kristie O’Connor, MLA, RD

Lecturer, Dietetics and Nutrition Program Director

Phone: 585-475-5320
: kloihst@rit.edu

Renee Gosselin

Renee Gosselin, MS, MBA, RDN


Email: regchst@rit.edu

Elizabeth Kmiecinski

Elizabeth Kmiecinski, Ph.D., RD, CDN

Professor Emeritus

Email: eakism@rit.edu

Stacey Brown, BS

Stacey Brown, BA

Research Assistant, ELM Study

Email: sabihst@rit.edu

 Nicole Trabold, PhD, LMWSNicole Trabold, PhD, LMWS

Research Assistant Professor,
Behavioral Interventionist, ELM Grant


Mary Anne McQuay, RD

Mary Anne McQuay, RD

Health Coach, ELM Grant


Glotilda Chelimo

Glotilda Chelimo

Graduate Student Research Assistant

Email: gc4063@g.rit.edu

Molly Gavin, BS

Molly Gavin, BS

Adjunct Faculty, Exercise Science


Molly holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. She currently works as a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor in the Wellness Instructional Program through Student Affairs at RIT.  Her fitness classes and personal training sessions are in high demand and represent the skills and abilities that will become part of our students’ repertoire of capacities.  The course she teaches, Group Exercise, is one of the most engaging and popular classes in the curriculum.  Her instruction builds a foundation of practical skills for an exercise based career.