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  • Lohse B, Harris C.

    Informed use of the Satter Eating Competence Inventory. J Nutr Educ Behav.  2023;55(2):158-159.

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  • Cunningham-Sabo L, Lohse B, Nigg C, Paraody, R.

    Fourth-Grade Cooking and Physical Activity Intervention Reveals Associations With Cooking Experience and Sex. 2023; epub ahead of print.
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  • Cunningham-Sabo L, Lohse B, Clifford J, Burg A, Nigg C.

    Fuel for Fun process evaluation reveals strong implementation and approval with varied parent engagement. J Nutr Educ Behav. 2023;55(1):16-29.
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  • Ball LE, Lieberman LJ, Beach P, Perreault M, Rich J.

    Exploring the experiences of runners with visual impairments and sighted guides.  Int J Environ Res Public Health.  2022;19:12907.
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  • Rich J, Lieberman LJ, Beach P, Perreault M.

    “Moving freely in space with power and not be afraid”: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of the experiences of elite rowers with visual impairment.  Int J Environ Res Public Health.  2022;19:14059.
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  • Lohse B, Ramirez A, Hickey J et al.

    Changes in depressive symptoms, perceived stress, and food security among study participants with metabolic syndrome during a COVID-19 mandated research pause. Prev Chronic Dis. 2022;19:220206. doi:
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  • Abu BAZ, Tavarez S, Oldewage-Theron W.

    University students suggest solutions to campus food insecurity: A mixed methods study. J Hunger Environ Nutr.  2022; epub ahead of print.
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  • Rich J, Pottratz ST, Perreault M.

    Strategies for early peak performance artistic athletes’ retirement from sport.  Strategies.  2022;35(2):3-7. DOI:
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  • Bagyi J, Sripada V, Aidone AM, Lin H, Ruder EH, Crawford DR.

    Dietary rational targeting of redox-regulated genes. Free Radic Biol Med. 2021;173:19-28.
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  • Antwi J, Appiah B, Oluwakuse B, Abu BAZ.

    The Nutrition-COVID-19 interplay: A review [published correction appears in Curr Nutr Rep. 2021 Dec 14]. Curr Nutr Rep. 2021;10(4):364-374. doi:10.1007/s13668-021-00380-2
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