Needs for Tots

Children’s jobs with eating
Parent’s jobs with feeding

NEEDs for Tots is a print and web-based curriculum designed to educate children, parents and preschool providers on the principles of the Division of Responsibility in Feeding and USDA Core Nutrition Messages. Rather than focus on specific foods, portion-sizes, or nutrients, NEEDs for Tots focuses on shared family mealtime, the importance of food-neutral mealtime conversation, the way to accept and refuse foods, and the need to trust each person to manage his/her own eating.

Picture of adult and child eating
Child's block with and I

Classroom Lessons

Interested in classroom lessons, storybooks, successful mealtime strategies and examples of food-neutral conversation?

NEEDs for tots kid.


NEEDs for Tots



NEEDs for Tots



NEEDs for Tots

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