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NEEDs for Bones

Williamsport, PA students in NEEDs for Bones class

Williamsport, PA students in NEEDs for Bones class

NEEDs for Bones is a 4-lesson curriculum to teach 11 to 14 year olds about calcium and its impact on health. Lessons align with the Pennsylvania Department of Education Academic Standards.  Teachers use discussion and class activities to guide students to understand the importance of calcium, identify calcium-rich foods and how to include them in daily intake.

woman pointing at charts

Students use graphing skills

Also included are recommendations to be physically active and information about the importance of physical activity for bone health.  Each lesson includes taste testing of calcium-containing foods, such as cheese wedges with whole wheat crackers, vanilla soy milk, and refried beans with corn chips.

Included in the kit are ALL educational materials and handouts, foods and supplies for taste-testing, a teaching guide and student evaluations.
small needs for bones kit

NEEDs for Bones Kit


Taught NEEDs for Bones?

To begin using NEEDs for Bones in your school or group contact NEEDs by email, using the form below, or if you prefer, call (585)-475-6117.

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